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Welcome to EDTNA/ERCA New Project Website

We are very proud to present new EDTNA/ERCA Project Website. This website will provide you with continuously up-to-date information related to a wide range of the EDTNA/ERCA projects.

The intention of our new website is to provide a clear and practical place where those of you working with renal patients can access the Association’s extensive range of education and research to support and develop evidence based best practice in renal care. Nurses, physicians, dieticians, technicians, transplant coordinators and unit managers that care for patients with chronic kidney disease and those requiring renal replacement therapy may benefit from this website. Today, 44 years later we are still working with the same goal as from the very beginning; our focus is on our Patients. The only difference today is that we have easy access to information and closer to share information with each other. I also would like to express our gratitude to our Project Partner Sanofi which supported us strongly and helped us making this happen and become reality.

We are very much looking forward to your visit at www.edtnaercaprojects.org

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or EDTNA/ERCA Secretariat.

Jitka Pancirova
EDTNA/ERCA Executive Director

43rd EDTNA/ERCA International Conference, Riga
  • The Conference photos can be downloaded from the Conference Website here.
  • Congratulations to the EDTNA/ERCA 2014 Riga Conference Poster winners:

    Best Posters (out of 135 submitted Posters):

    • 1st Prize: P 082 - Experiences of recipients and living donors during the first three days after kidney transplantation, K. Bertelsen, K. Rasmussen, M.S. Ludvigsen, J. Finderup Department of Renal Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark
A Guide to Implementing Renal Best Practice in Haemodialysis

Project Coordinators: Jitka Pancirova & Anki Davidson

The EDTNA/ERCA launched with the scientific grant support from from Baxter Gambro Renal - A Guide to Implementing Renal Best Practice in Haemodialysis at the 43rd EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Riga.

Project objectives:

  • Renal patients are older and suffer from various co-morbidities
  • There is higher demand for individualised treatments
  • Patient numbers continue to increase
  • Outcomes are not improving, considering application of modern technology, treatment regimes and medicine

Vascular Access Cannulation and Care - A Nursing Best Practice Guide for Arteriovenous Fistula

Project Coordinators: Maria Teresa Parisotto & Jitka Pancirova

Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Fresenius Medical Care Project to achieve enhanced multidisciplinary renal team practice in dialysis and develop a Vascular Access Best Practice Guide successfully finished. Publication was launched at the 43rd EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Riga.

Project objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the importance for vascular access management as the “patient’s lifeline”
  • Define vascular access cannulation practices based on clinical evidence to minimize complications
  • Develop a best practice guide for vascular access cannulation and care

e-Health Handbook in Nephrology

Handbook Editors: Aase Riemann & Maria Cruz Casal

The EDTNA/ERCA and Sanofi are proud to announce the collaboration and the launch of the e-Health Handbook in Nephrology at the 43rd EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Riga.

Project objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of e-Health implementation as a tool for kidney care
  • Learn about new technologies to achieve the highest quality of care for patients
  • Utilize e-Health to achieve an efficient use of funds to treat patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
  • Implement e-Health as a way to increase the patient’s quality of life

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