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Patient-centred Renal Care – A Multidisciplinary Approach to Holistic Health
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  • Session hall (speaker) – Lidija Mlinarič
  • Poster area (poster presenter) – Alessandro Pisso
  • Exhibition area – Angela Henson

Session hall

Marta, Igor, Ljdija: Slovenia

Poster area

Alessandro Pisso

Exhibition area

Angela, Michel, Susan

42nd EDTNA/ERCA International Conference, Malmö
  • The Conference Abstract Book is now available. Download your copy here.
  • Conference programme is online, for details please click here.
  • The Conference photos can be download from the Conference Website here.
  • Congratulations to the EDTNA/ERCA 2013 Malmö Conference Abstract winners:
    Best Abstract (out of 262 submitted Abstracts):
       1st Prize: P 036 - Illness perception and hopelessness in haemodialysis patients, M. Mollaoglu, F. Candan, B. Yürügen, Turkey
       2nd Prize: P 024 - The effect of liquid and salt control training on the intradialytic period, E. Topbas, D. Murat Öztürk, S. Dedeko, T. Kavalali, Y. Sapci, F. Öztürk, S. Can, Turkey
       3rd Prize: O-79 - Impact of the therapeutic regimen on the quality of life of dialysis patients, F. Loureiro, A. Gomes, M. Machado, F. Vieira, J. Fazendeiro Matos, Portugal
  • Congratulations to the EDTNA/ERCA 2013 Malmö Conference Poster winners:
    Best Posters (out of 165 submitted Posters):
       1st Prize: P 114/O 64 - Preserving vascular access in the Middle East, E. Kenny, C. Hernadez, J. Zamora, Saudi Arabia
  • Green Innovation Award – joint award of Fresenius Medical Care and EDTNA/ERCA:
       1st Prize: O 49 / P 063 - “Green Mileage – sustainable programme towards eco-friendly dialysis in Saudi Arabia: results of phase one”, A. Bunani, J.J. Sedgewick, E. Dumdum Bunani, Saudi Arabia
       2nd Prize: O 45 - “ECO future using ECO features in dialysis: water and dialysate saving without compromising Kt/V”, A. Martinez Miralles1, F. Pelliccia2, J.I. Merello Godino1, R. Ramos1, A. Karch1, M.T. Parisotto2, , Spain/Germany
Go Green in Dialysis – joint EDTNA/ERCA and Fresenius Medical Care project successfully finished

Environmental Guidelines for Dialysis The EDTNA/ERCA and Fresenius Medical Care launched the Environmental Guidelines for Dialysis at the 40th International EDTNA/ERCA Conference in Ljubljana. Fifteen experts from 10 different countries have created these Guidelines over the past year. They contain all the state of the art knowledge to reduce the environmental burden of dialysis. The implementation of energy saving strategies is crucial as high levels of water use, the creation of increasing quantities of hazardous waste and high energy consumption have serious ecological and economic impacts. We hope these Guidelines help renal professionals respond to the increasing challenge of how to perform environmentally friendly dialysis and provide them with the practical guidance needed to establish effective and successful strategies. Electronic version of the Environmental Guidelines for Dialysis is available in the member´s only section. If you are not member yet, please follow online membership subscription instructions.

A Guide to Implementing Renal Best Practice in Haemodialysis

Environmental Guidelines for DialysisEDTNA/ERCA & Gambro are proud to present a joint project aiming to define multidisciplinary clinical guidelines for dialysis. Together we will launch this project results during the EDTNA/ERCA Conference 2013.

Why do we need a clinical guide for haemodialysis?

  • Renal patients are older and suffer from various co-morbidities
  • There is higher demand for individualized treatments
  • Patient numbers continue to increase
  • Outcomes are not improving, considering application of modern technology, treatment regimes and medicine

Vascular Access and Cannulation Guidelines: new EDTNA/ERCA – Fresenius Medical Care Project

Project objectives:

  • Create awareness on the importance of Vascular Access Management
  • Define processes based on clinical evidence to reduce complications
  • Develop Vascular Access Cannulation & Care Guidelines
EDTNA/ERCA Collaboration initiatives:
  • ENRCA: European Network of Renal Care Associations

    2009 New Project: Violence and Aggression Prevention and Management Strategies in European Renal Units
    2010–2011 New Project: Survey on Attitudes of the European Renal Nurses towards older People
    2011–2012 New Project: Exploring the Challenges & Opportunities for Renal Care Across Europe

  • With EfCCNa: European federation of Critical Care Nursing association and HENNA: Helenic Nephrology Nurses Association

    2011–2012 New Project: Acute Kidney Injury – A Guide to Clinical Practice. More information will follow soon. 
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