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Welcome to the Nutrition Interest Group page!

According to European Federation of the Association of Dietitians (EFAD) there is a great diversity in dietetic training across Europe.  More specifically, renal dietitians are lacking in European renal units and it is also  a discrepancy in the level of knowledge and skills of European renal nutrition advisors. This diversity in knowledge and expertise has a negative impact in quality of care and often is linked with poor clinical results.

As a result, EDTNA/ERCA Nutrition consultant main aims are:

  1. To promote the importance of renal nutrition and dietetics in the management and therapeutic care of renal patients.
  2. To promote dietitians and nutrition advisors as key members of the multi-professional organization.
  3. To promote research in renal nutrition and dietetics.
  4. To collaborate with Education board on developing nutrition competencies standards across nursing and dietetic practices to provide the framework for improvement in clinical care.
  5. To develop patient – friendly educational tools and resources on nutrition for renal patients.
  6. To liaise with other European Organizations of Nutrition and Dietetics to produce consensus statements on renal nutrition
  7. To organise e-modules on renal nutrition, suitable for all professionals dealing with renal patients.
  8. To promote the development of European Guidelines for the Nutritional Care of Adult Renal Patients
  9. To promote the involvement of renal dietitians in research

The above aims are the result of involvement with other agencies but I am also interested in hearing from any European professional with an interest in nutrition for collaborative work.

To review the list of publications and resources developed by the Nutrition Interest Group click here.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Nutrition Interest Group please contact Kalliopi Anna Poulia.

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