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Welcome to Transplantation page!

EDTNA/ERCA is a multidisciplinary Association representing renal caregivers. As such, part of its activities is focused on issues concerning transplantation.
The aim is to increase the profile of transplantation and to keep it as a section integrated into the Renal Care activities within EDTNA/ERCA, thus bringing closer transplantation professionals to be part of the overall activities of the Association.
To achieve this objective the strategy is focused on:

  • Liaison with other Projects Groups in the association on mutual projects
  • Involvement in the Annual Conference Programme- ideas for speakers, sessions and help with chairing
  • Publications of EDTNA/ERCA media: input via journal, newsletter, and website
  • Establish links with National societies, patient groups, and industry were ever it was possible as the EDTNA/ERCA strategy includes working towards "an international network of renal associations"

Past projects:



Scientific articles in Journal of Renal Care:

Future projects for 2013:

  • Publication of educational materials at an advanced level on Immunosuppression in Renal Transplantation
  • Educational documents for renal transplant patients in different languages (June 2013)

If you would like to obtain more information, please contact Jose Luis by sending a request to: jlcobosanchez@gmail.com

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