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Today the WHO Europe has launched its new action plan for chronic diseases, and is appealing for urgent joint policy action from individual countries to achieve global goals and targets. We highly recommend you share this within your networks and we will be exploring how EKHA can use this as a policy driver.

The new Action Plan for NCDs, is structured around 2 objectives for European region countries:

  • To take integrated action on risk factors (smoking, alcohol misuse, poor diet, inactivity etc) and their underlying determinants across sectors
  • To strengthen health systems for improved prevention programmes and control of NCDs

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The European Kidney Health Alliance is a European nonprofit organization whose main objectives are to support the implementation of health strategies to limit the progression of kidney disease amongst European citizens and to promote a European health environment demonstrating a constant increase in “quality of life and life expectancy” of patients with kidney disease.

EKHA provides a unique multidisciplinary platform for patients, nurses and doctors. It has been set up to facilitate research, clinical practice, education, and promotion of the best possible treatment among all kidney health stakeholders.

The EKHA is composed of the 5 following non-profit organizations:

  • CEAPIR – European Kidney Patients’ Federation
  • EDTNA/ERCA – European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association/ European Renal Care Association
  • ERA-EDTA – European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplant Association
  • IFKF – International Federation of Kidney Foundations
  • ISN – International Society of Nephrology

The alliance aims at extending its multidisciplinary approach in the future by welcoming other organizations sharing the same vision and objectives.

EKHA articulates its mission around five fundamental objectives

  • Raise awareness of kidney disease and the need for action (particularly in relationship with cardiovascular disease and diabetes);

  • Facilitate exchange of information between the EU Kidney Health Community and the EU institutions and bodies in charge of health policy regarding priorities for the
    prevention of kidney disease;

  • Promote the exchange of best practice for patient care as well as education and training between therapists, nurses and patients throughout the EU-27 Member States (with particular focus on kidney and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension);

  • Support the aim of enhancing European medical research to develop and enhance therapies to benefit kidney patients;

  • Work in cooperation with other EU Health Platforms addressing areas directly linked to the effect or cause of renal failure such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, hypertension and transplantation.

EKHA Health Policy commitments for the European Union

  • EKHA will provide advice regarding European Union research policies and programmes in order to identify the most effective Kidney Disease topics for which EU Medical Research Projects could deliver real and effective therapy progress.

  • EKHA will maintain the dialogue with EU Health bodies to promote best practice in addressing the care of kidney patients.

  • EKHA commits to maintaining constant best practice on early detection and prevention methods amongst the kidney health community in Europe and to promoting awareness of such methods to the general public.

For more information, see: http://www.ekha.eu

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