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The following publications have been developed by the different Committees and Interest Groups of the EDTNA/ERCA. Publications indicated with a (*) are available to Members for free. Members can access their copy via the Members-only section. To become a Member now, click here.


Abstract Book
Annual Reports
Nursing Practice
Patient Education
Publications Portfolio
Venous Needle Dislodgement

Publications Portfolio


  • Guideline for Practical Hygiene in Dialysis Units - order pdf

Handbooks *

  • 500 Questions and Answers about Peritoneal Dialysis: A Guide to Clinical Practice - order word
  • A Guide to Implementing Renal Best Practice in Haemodialysis - order word
  • Acute Kidney Injury, A Guide to Clinical Practice - order word
  • Care of Patients with Kidney Disease who have other Long Term Conditions Handbook, A Guide to Clinical Practice - order word
  • Caring for the Elderly Renal Patient, A Guide to Clinical Practice - order word
  • Conservative Management in Advanced Kidney Disease, A Guide to Clinical Practice - order word
  • Drugs in Renal Replacement Therapy, A Guide to Clinical Practice - order word
  • e-Health in Nephrology, A Guide to Clinical Practice
  • Environmental Guidelines for Dialysis, A Practical Guide to Reduce the Environmental Burden of Dialysis
  • Haematology - hardcopy not more available, PDF version for download from members only section
  • Nutritional Care for Adults with Chronic Kidney Disease, A Guide to Clinical Practice - order word
  • Peritoneal Dialysis: A Guide to Clinical Practice - order word
  • Renal Transplantation: A Guide to Clinical Practice - order word
  • The Diabetic Patient and Chronic Kidney Disease, A Guide to Clinical Practice - order word
  • Vascular Access, Cannulation and Care, A Nursing Best Practice Guide for Arteriovenous Fistula - order word
  • Vascular Access Cannulation and Care: A Nursing Best Practice Guide for Arteriovenous Graft


Caring for hypertensive patients without CKD Workshop handouts (with translation into Chinese, Greek, Italian, Hebrew, Romanian and Spanish)

The EDTNA/ERCA handbook “Chronic Kidney Disease (stages 1-3) A Guide to Clinical Practice” is available in 3 languages: Hebrew, Spanish and Turkish. This handbook is to be used as practice guide for healthcare professionals who are new to the field of Nephrology or those who are working in Primary Care and wish to know more about early Chronic Kidney Disease. Unfortunately stage 4-5 and another languages are not available anymore.

Order CKD 1-3 word

Order CKD 4-5 word

Abstract Book *

 2015 Dresden, Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2014 Riga, Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2013 Malmö Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2012 Strasbourg Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2011 Ljubljana Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2010 Dublin Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2009 Hamburg Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2008 Prague Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2007 Florence Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2006 Madrid Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2005 Vienna Conference Abstract Book pdf
 2004 Geneva Conference Abstracts Book pdf
 2003 Birmingham Conference Abstracts Book pdf
 2002 The Hague Conference Abstracts Book pdf
 2001 Nice Conference Abstracts Book pdf
 2000 Lisbonne Conference Abstracts Book pdf
 1999 Berlin Conference Abstracts Book pdf

Annual Reports

2004 pdf, 2005 pdf, 2006 pdf, 2007 pdf, 2008 pdf, 2009 pdf, 2010 pdf, 2011 pdf, 2012 pdf, 2013 pdf, 2014 pdf, 2015 pdf


Anaemia Management Report - Geneva 2005
Anaemia in Transplant Patients ppt
Managing Anaemia in Transplant Patients - Pocket Guide pdf


Assessors Guidelines (English) pdf
Competency Book (English) pdf
Violence and Aggression (English) pdf

Nursing Practice

EDTNA/ERCA has recognised that pre-registration nursing curricula often have little or no content in nephrology care, although patients with end-stage renal failure (ESRF) are found in many differing areas of care in hospital and in the community. Even with an increasing number of specialist nephrology nurses across Europe, EDTNA/ERCA believes that ALL nurses should have a basic knowledge of nephrology nursing when caring for those with renal failure.
The Education Board (EB) of EDTNA/ERCA has provided these educational guidelines in order to increase the capacity of non-specialised, general nurses to care for renal patients. It is recommended that these guidelines are incorporated into pre-registration nursing school curricula in Europe.
It is crucial for the quality of patient care that understanding of specific pathologies, patient needs, special nursing aspects and treatment of those with chronic and end-stage renal failure is increased.

Nephrology Nurse Profile pdf
European Core Curriculum for Post-Basic Course in Nephrology Nursing - 2nd Edition (PDF - English only)
Clinical Nephrology Nursing Practice Manual (Word or PDF)
European Standards for Nephrology Nursing Practice


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Fast Facts: Renal Disorders (pdf)
Renal Disorders pdf  
Fast Facts: Bladder Cancer (pdf)
Bladder Cancer pdf

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Nutrition for Haemodialysis Nurses pdf
Collaborative Research Project - Investigating the Prescription of Renal Diets Across Europe
European Guidelines for the Nutritional Care of Adult Renal Patients

Patient Education

About your kidneys - German , Russian , Spanish
High Blood Pressure - German , Russian , Spanish
Home Blood Pressure Monitoring - German , Russian , Spanish
Diabetes Mellitus - German , Russian , Spanish
Healthy Lifestyle - German , Russian , Spanish
Physical Exercise - German , Russian , Spanish
Stop Smoking - German , Russian , Spanish
Low Salt Diet - German , Russian , Spanish
Common Medicines used in CKD - German , Russian , Spanish
Reactions following Diagnosis - German , Russian , Spanish


Towards a Closer Understanding: A Psycho/Social Handbook for all Renal Care Workers


Treatment of Water for Dialysis - A European Survey
Control & Monitoring of Chlorine Levels using Carbon Filtration in Water for Haemodialysis pdf
Core Curriculum for Dialysis Technicians (Technologists)


A Patient's Guide to Kidney Transplantation
What the Dialysis Nurse should Know about Preparing the Patient For a Kidney Transplant

* Members get a free copy.

Venous Needle Dislodgement

Venous needle dislodgement project.
Download the poster: pdf English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Venous Needle Dislodgement patient risk assessment tool

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