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Renal Disaster Relief Task Force

The Renal Disaster Relief Task Force (RDRTF) is a unique humanitarian Task Force, created by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN), presently chaired by Prof. Raymond Vanholder from Gent University, Belgium. The RDRTF sends volunteer nephrologists, dialysis nurses and dialysis technicians out to offer help after earthquakes and other natural disasters by treating casualties with acute renal failure after crush syndrome (rhabdomyolysis). The RDRTF has at present 20 Belgian volunteers and 35 international volunteers mainly from EDTNA/ERCA and AFIDTN. The missions always take place under the steering and responsibilities of 'Médecins Sans Frontières' (MsF), Doctors without Borders.

To join the RDRTF volunteer team, please fill in the enrolment form word and send it to Sylviane Boulle, RDRTF link person for EDTNA/ERCA. This registration is mandatory to be considered as one of the possible team members. An RDRTF member will get back to you shortly after receipt of your form.

Please remember to inform Sylviane Boulle about any address changes and/or new email address.

Should you need further information about the RDRTF mission and projects in order to convince your employer, please read about the task description pdf.

The RDRTF team looks forward to welcoming you!

RDRTF Team in action after the disaster earthquake in Pakistan (October 2005).

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