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Health Care Related Software

All Palm softwares and databases stored in our site are in a self extracting archive (.exe). The directory for extraction by default is edtna (guidelines) or the name of the software.

EPO tool

When you want to switch from one EPO to another one, you may need a table to found the real dose, or to begin with EPO, you need a calculator to define the basic dose for your patient, we have the tool. It is a free tool provided by Amgen switzerland and is actually only in French and German. We have the official permission from Amgen Switzerland to offer this tool to download on the EDTNA/ERCA site.

Download Aranesp

Dialyzer database

A Database of some dialyzer (Baxter and Fresenius), but you can add other dialyzers. The software can reside on an sd card.

Download the Dialyzers database

MedCalc for PalmOs


MedCalc is a medical calculator running on Palm-compatible handheld devices ( Palm, Handspring ... ).
It is designed for rapid calculation of common equations used in internal medicine.
Easy to use
Formulas sorted by categories
Customizable category for your favorite formulas
Units available either in S.I. or regular units
Most formulas come with bibliographic references and clinical-use tips
Available in english and french versions
The most full-featured medical calculator available for the Palm OS ( 60 formulas )
Exclusive: results can be saved in a Palm OS database for later retrieval

MedCalc 5.0 ( Apr 22, 2004 )
Adds 3 formulas (target height, pressure gradient, two-way table)
Adds new onscreen numeric keypad on most formulas to ease data input
Detailed information can be viewed in place of the virtual graffiti area
Adds Sony support for collapsible input area
The usual bug fixes

November 2003: the EDTNA/ERCA site had received the developper's agreement to offer Medcalc from the association site.

Download the english version

Download the french version

An article from The Canadian Medical Association Journal on the use of PDA in Medecine

"Palm reading": hand-held software for physicians FULL ARTICLE


K-DOQI Guidelines
The K-DOQI Guidelines will be available from the NKF site. The link will be provided from this page.The CKD action plans based on the K-DOQI his now available for Palm Computer
CKD: Clinical Action Plans,Palm Version

The EDTNA/ERCA Guidelines are available in Isilo format for the Palm
EDTNA/ERCA Carbon Filter Guidelines
EDTNA/ERCA Water Guidelines
EDTNA/ERCA Diet Guidelines
and Thoughts about biofilm from the Dr Nystrand
You need the Isilo reader.


JournalToGo.com delivers medical literature and news to your handheld device.


Healthcare professionals can now easily keep current on medical literature and healthcare news. Selected medical journal abstracts and healthcare news articles are delivered to your handheld device or are accessible from your PC. This service is available at no charge.

Automatic literature searches
Select the topic areas that interest you from a list of predefined channels.

Current information
You will receive peer-reviewed journal abstracts from the National Library of Medicine and news articles from Reuters to keep you up-to-date. Every time you sync your handheld device or go to our internet site you will have automatic access to the most current information.

Read on the go
Read abstracts and news articles on your handheld device anywhere you want. If you want to order the complete article or save the abstract, just bookmark it for later retrieval.

Clinical Rewards Program®
Participate in the Clinical Rewards Program® by answering educational clinical questions. Accumulate clinical rewards points that may be redeemed for journal subscriptions, CME programs, or other clinical services.

Simple and fast installation
The handheld application and communication software install themselves.

The journal of mobile nursing informatics

Nursing practice is evolving rapidly as new information supplants old.Good nursing practice requires tools to extend the human mind's limited capacity to recall and process large numbers of relevant variables.

PDA cortexThe acquisition and implementation of new knowledge is greatly enhanced through the use of mobile computing. These tools are improving the quality of healthcare and empowering 11 million nurses world wide.

Links to Nursing PDA Sites

On these pages you can keep abreast of the developments in Mobile Informatics, and collaborate to help advance mobile computing in healthcare


Windows OS


EpiInfoWith Epi Info 2002 and a personal computer, epidemiologists and other public health and medical professionals can rapidly develop a questionnaire or form, customize the data entry process, and enter and analyze data.
With Epi Info 2002 and a personal computer, epidemiologists and other public health and medical professionals can rapidly develop a questionnaire or form, customize the data entry process, and enter and analyze data. Epidemiologic statistics, tables, graphs, and maps are produced with simple commands such as READ, FREQ, LIST, TABLES, GRAPH, and MAP. Epi Map 2002 displays geographic maps with data from Epi Info 2002.
A new version, Epi Info 2000 for Windows retains many features of the familiar Epi Info for DOS, while offering Windows ease of use strengths such as point-and-click commands, graphics, fonts, and printing.

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