Volunteering is generally considered as an unselfish activity and is intended to promote goodness and improve human quality of life. And this is true and at the same time, in return, your volunteering will generate a feeling of self-worth and respect. To perform volunteering at EDTNA/ERCA is also well known for professional skill development, to meet new friends and colleagues and also allow yourself to have some fun. Volunteering for us at the Association have positive benefits for you as a Volunteer as well as for the persons or communities served and involved in your activities. Join us today – Become a Volunteer!

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Volunteer position in the Scientific Board

To enhance the Scientific level of EDTNA/ERCA and to promote the clinical research projects, the Executive Committee decided to create an EDTNA/ERCA Scientific Board that will include the Scientific Programme Committee and the Clinical Research Group. This strategy would allow us to optimize the human resources dedicated to these activities, to make the independent clinical research more visible as well as to implement the scientific level of our Annual Conferences.

In order to implement the Scientific Board, the EC will open a vacancy for one Volunteer position in the  Board.

The basic requirements are:

 being a current member of EDTNA/ERCA, being a Healthcare Professional, working in renal care. 

The candidate should have:

·         A robust scientific background

·         Very good communication skills and experience in working in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team in English language

·         Experience in evaluation of abstracts

·         Experience in conducting clinical studies, in literature review and in writing papers

·         Knowledge and experience of the EDTNA/ERCA Conference

·         Some daily time to dedicate to these activities

·         MSc degree at minimum; a PhD level is preferred, but not compulsory

The applications will be evaluated by the EC.

If you are interested in this position, please contact the Secretariat :  

and send your CV by the 23th March 2020. 

Brand Ambassadors

Currently there are the following Brand Ambassador’s positions open:
  • Brand Ambassador - Denmark
  • Brand Ambassador - Germany
  • Brand Ambassador - Hungary
  • Brand Ambassador - Italy
  • Brand Ambassador - Russia
  • Brand Ambassador - Sweden
As a Brand Ambassador you will be:
  • The representative of EDTNA/ERCA in your country
  • The link between the National EDTNA/ERCA Members and the Executive Committee
  • Responsible for the progress of EDTNA/ERCA strategies on a national level
  • Organising EDTNA/ERCA educational events
  • Responsible for the recruitment of new Members
  • In charge of the yearly budget and activity plan
Qualifications needed include:
  • Good in spoken and written English
  • Working in renal care
  • Enthusiasm and organisational skills
  • Ability to use computer and email
Get inspired by Aase Riemann, our Consultant & Brand Ambassador for the Netherlands – Take the opportunity to read about Aase’s story
Get inspired by Ilaria de Barbieri, our Executive Committee Member - Become a Volunteer today!

Get inspired by Tai Mooi Ho, our Project Coordinator – Become a Volunteer today!

Get inspired by Jania Golland, our Executive Committee Member – Become a Volunteer today!


Get inspired by Mike Kelly, our Psychotherapist – Become a Volunteer today!

For further information about job descriptions, policies and procedures please contact our Secretariat.