• Collaborate with experts within EDTNA/ERCA & consultant groups in developing educational projects.
  • Contribute to the development of educational strategy in collaboration with other experts within EDTNA/ERCA.
  • Develop educational processes & curriculum development and enhance standards of educational provision.
  • Develop flexible and contemporary approaches to education & training for members working in renal care to enhance quality of patient care & service delivery.
  • Collaborate with industry partners in developing & implementing individualised educational programmes.
  • Advise on European policy & legislation pertaining to educational developments within Europe.
            CONTACT PERSON
            EDTNA/ERCA Secretariat
            ńĆeskomoravsk√° 19, 190 00 Prague 9, Czech Republic
            Phone: +420 284 001 422

            Head Office
            EDTNA/ERCA, Seestrasse 91, CH 6052 Hergiswil, Switzerland