At EDTNA/ERCA we always strive for Excellence in everything we do. Our Knowledge and Experience ensure that the outcome of our Educational Programs in Collaboration with our Colleagues and Partners around the globe shows the evidence of this!
Mike Kelly, 

Psychological Care Consultant

Contact person
Lesley Bennett, Anaemia Consultant

To promote a greater understanding of anaemia amongst renal care professionals.
To promote the active management of renal anaemia by nurses.
To promote a sharing of standards of care within Europe to improve patient care.
To collaborate in research and education projects.
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Karen Jenkins, CKD Consultant

Develop education materials as a support tool to assist with the training of staff members who are newcomers to Renal Units.
Promote the importance of strategies in the prevention and management of CKD.
Set up a network of professionals interested in the management of CKD associated with Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease.
Contact person
John Sedgewick, Education Middle East and Africa Consultant

Collaborate with experts within EDTNA/ERCA & consultant groups in developing educational projects.
Contribute to the development of educational strategy in collaboration with other experts within EDTNA/ERCA.
Develop educational processes & curriculum development and enhance standards of educational provision.
Develop flexible and contemporary approaches to education & training for members working in renal care to enhance quality of patient care & service delivery.
Collaborate with industry partners in developing & implementing individualised educational programmes.
Advise on European policy & legislation pertaining to educational developments within Europe.
Contact person
Kalliopi-Anna Poulia, Nutrition Consultant

To promote the importance of renal nutrition and dietetics in the management and therapeutic care of renal patients.
To promote dietitians and nutrition advisors as key members of the multi-professional organization.
To promote research in renal nutrition and dietetics.
To collaborate with Education board on developing nutrition competencies standards across nursing and dietetic practices to provide the framework for improvement in clinical care.
To develop patient – friendly educational tools and resources on nutrition for renal patients.
Peritoneal Dialysis
peritoneal dialysis
Contact person
Maria Arminda Tavares, Peritoneal Dialysis Consultant

To exchange data about Peritoneal Dialysis.
To promote a greater understanding of Peritoneal Dialysis among renal care professionals.
To promote self-management in Peritoneal Dialysis patients as a home-dialysis treatment.
To formulate standards for Peritoneal Dialysis training.
To collaborate in research and education projects among others in activities about self-management and predialysis education.
Social Workers
Contact person
Mike Kelly, Psychological Care Consultant

Psychosocial assessment and ongoing evaluation.
Coping with CKD and the Renal Replacement Therapy implications.
Resource referrals: Welfare benefits and Governmental entitlements.
Patient education and adherence improvement.
Conflict resolution and mediation.
End of life issues and Bereavement.
Advocate renal patients special needs on policy level.
Quality Standards of renal social work.
Liaison with other Projects Groups in the association on mutual projects.
Involvement in the Annual Conference Programme- ideas for speakers, sessions and help with chairing.
Publications of EDTNA/ERCA media: input via journal, newsletter, and website.
Establish links with National societies, patient groups, and industry were ever it was possible as the EDTNA/ERCA strategy includes working towards "an international network of renal associations".
Contact person
Ruben Iglesias, Haemodialysis Consultant

To exchange practices about Haemodialysis treatment.
To promote education on self-management to patients opting for Home Haemodialysis Treatment.
Provide knowledge and skills in ultrasonography for vascular access in dialysis by sharing education concepts of ultrasonography and how to apply it to vascular access.
To collaborate in research and education projects among others in activities related with Haemodialysis.
Provide guidelines for vascular access ultrasound done by nurses.
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