ONLINE educational resource for Health Care Professionals (HCP) – Electronic Library
We are pleased to inform you that a well-established electronic library is available to all members to download information on a variety of topics. Individual papers are written by our EDTNA/ERCA Consultants at different levels and are colour coded to help members identify the level of information required by individuals. Each paper provides learning outcomes at the beginning and has questions at the end so that members can check that these outcomes have been achieved.

The educational papers are available at two distinct levels: Advanced and Expert. Every level will be identified by a color.

Please access these papers and feel free to contact us as we value your opinion and send us your feedback.

Anastasia Liossatou
Publication Coordinator
Life changes in Peritoneal Dialysis - Educating Patients for healthy transitions- the Portuguese experience
Patient Centred Renal Care – Psychosocial Care for Patients with Renal Disease - Dutch
Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis (EPS) - Danish