EDTNA/ERCA offers you the opportunity to join and participate in the RenalPro Discussion Forum

Would you like to receive feedback and assistance with your work? Not only does this forum allow you to ask other professionals questions, but it also gives you the chance to give your opinion regarding other peers' comments and doubts.

RenalPro is a moderated forum that is unique as it allows you to directly communicate from your own PC with your colleagues; asking questions, sharing experiences and techniques, or providing comments.

RenalPro subscribers:
  • Interact with an ever-growing worldwide group of professionals from all disciplines related to renal care consisting nowadays of over 750 subscribers
  • Share and help resolve practice-based problems
  • Learn from the experience of others
Enter in your browser “renalpro” and you will be guided to the RenalPro information page:

On this page you can subscribe online to this forum and benefit for FREE of this unique service we are offering you! Also, spread the word about this opportunity to your colleagues!

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact with the RenalPro Moderator, Elizabeth Lindley.
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