We always strive for Excellence in everything we do. Our Knowledge and Experience ensure that the outcome of our Educational Programs and Projects in Collaboration with our Partners shows the evidence of this. Our Commitment towards each other encourage us to do even more.

Through our Global presence we have an Opportunity to share knowledge and experience not only at Conferences and Seminars but also through our Joint Projects, Publications and Online Programme.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME – This is the Core of the Association, to develop Educational materials and organize educational events like this Conference and several Seminars along Europe with the aim of providing tools and knowledge to HealthCare professionals as well as our Patients.

ENVIRONMENTAL – We are committed and we have been working with the Environmental strategy for many years. Our communication today is mainly online. Nevertheless, we know that we still need paper copies in our daily work and we will of course continue to develop our books.

COLLABORATION – We have built up a Professional and sustainable Collaboration Programme with Industry Partners, Universities and other Professional Associations to improve the sharing of Knowledge and Expertise. We, EDTNA/ERCA identify the gap of knowledge and lack of educational information and contact our partners for potential collaboration. It is a win-win situation.

DIGITAL – We have invested in electronic Educational Programmes / Materials and Web-based technologies to improve accessibility and communication with Members, Patients and the Renal Community. The evidence of these investments and collaborations are the Applications VND, Home HD and Nutrition as well this year’s Conference App.

ONLINE – Communication Strategy focuses on Content Communication. As many of you see, we are extremely active on Social Media and communicate frequently. Follow us!!

GLOBAL – extending the global reach and reputation of the EDTNA/ERCA, striving for global recognition of our activities and achievements in renal education