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We always strive for Excellence in everything we do. Our Knowledge and Experience ensure that the outcome of our Educational Programs and Projects in Collaboration with our Partners shows the evidence of this. Our Commitment towards each other encourages us to do even more.
Through our Global presence we have an Opportunity to share knowledge and experience not only at Conferences and Seminars but also through our Publications and Online Programme including Applications. All this creates fantastic opportunities for everyone involved. Our strength is to focus on the unique competencies and experience of each and every individual to create a Caring Culture that brings out the best in us all.

The EDTNA/ERCA Corporate Membership provides you with excellent opportunities to work with us towards the same goal - Achieving the Best Standards of Education and Research for all renal care professionals Caring and Supporting their Patients and Families around the world!

Our Partners’ support, involvement and advice are greatly appreciated and the success would not be possible without the fantastic collaboration. Thank You!

There are many benefits you will receive upon joining our Corporate Membership Programme
  • To start up an Educational Project together with EDTNA/ERCA
  • To take part of our Knowledge and Experience ensuring that the outcome of our Educational Programs and Projects will provide you with more insight of certain topics
  • You will obtain access to all printed copies as well as pdf’s of all the publications, the Journal of Renal Care® and the Association’s Newsletter, existing in 19 languages.
  • Two extra Membership fees are included in the Corporate Membership
  • The possibility to purchase 5 Conference registrations for the Annual International Conference with entry rights to the scientific sessions at the "member early registration fee".
  • Your logo will be visible through and will be linked to your website
  • We will include you in our Online Strategy and promote in Social Media 
As mentioned earlier, there are many benefits you will receive upon joining our Corporate Membership Programme, and you will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise on a global level. Together with our Corporate Members we have very fruitful cooperation and we see the fantastic result it generates. You will find some of the latest achievements here:

Together we live and act according to our Values and we are continuously working on achieving a high level of quality care for patients and their families. 

Below, you will find a list of Partners who share the same Values as EDTNA/ERCA’s of improving the quality of care given to nephrology patients. Their active participation and support of Association activities throughout the year is the best evidence of our shared commitment and collaboration. We are proud to acknowledge them as Corporate Members of our Association and look forward to further collaboration in the future.

Do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Director Mrs. Anki Davidson to discuss further the possibilities and opportunities to move forward together. Corporate Membership is of course open to any company sharing the key values, vision and mission of EDTNA/ERCA.

Don’t hesitate to contact:

Mrs. Anki Davidson
EDTNA/ERCA Marketing Director

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