How to Make Your Participation Successful
Our Team is here to support you to make your participation at our Conferences memorable and valuable. To make your life easier with the Registration, Booking booth space, hotel accommodation and all other questions you have. We have taken out some of the frequent questions and provide you with the direct link to the right person and department in charge. We hope this will support you in your planning of your participation at our next Conference in Krakow, Poland, September 9 – 12, 2017.

If you need any support or have questions about the following, you find below the right person or department:
1. Registration:
Whom to Contact
EDTNA/ERCA Conference 
Marketing, Industry Relations, Exhibition & Sponsorship

Mrs. Anki Davidson 
Marketing Director 
Excellent Branding 
Källstorps Gård 
Högs Byväg 118 
S-246 55 Löddeköpinge, Sweden 
Phone: +46 46 70 96 26 

EDTNA/ERCA Conference 
Department & Registrations

GUARANT International spol. s r.o. 
Na Pankráci 17 
CZ-140 21 Prague 4, Czech Republic 
Phone: +42 02 84 00 14 44 
Fax: +42 02 84 00 14 48 

EDTNA/ERCA Secretariat

Källstorps Gård / Högs Byväg 118 / SE-246 55 Löddeköpinge / Sweden
Phone: +46 46 70 96 24 /

Legal Venue

EDTNA/ERCA Pilatusstrasse 35, CH-6003 Lucerne, Switzerland