Protection and Processing of Personal Data
Please take note and acknowledge by ticking or undersigning as requested on application or registration forms that any personal,
professional or financial data collected and managed by or for EDTNA/ERCA are handled and stored for the constitutional remit
of EDTNA/ERCA only, and according to Swiss Law, EU regulations and national law of contracted service providers involved.
The collected and managed data shall not be used for commercial purposes or sold to third parties. Every person and entity
involved has the right to get information from EDTNA/ERCA on his or her personal data collected and managed by EDTNA/ERCA
and its partners at any time and ask for complete deleting.
EDTNA/ERCA Secretariat
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Head Office
EDTNA/ERCA, Seestrasse 91, CH 6052 Hergiswil, Switzerland