Challenging, provoking, inspiring – all these terms fit the concept “go green” in dialysis. It is a matter of fact that the “go green” initiative in dialysis had to come. Dialysis has grown from its conception to surpass the wildest estimations of the nephrologists who established long-term treatment in the 1960’s. Yet in its current form, dialysis remains what it has been since its dawn - a technology that on one side consumes many valuable resources and on the other side produces enormous amount of waste. And as in many other walks of life, people have realised that dialysis cannot go this way for ever. 

I am pleased that EDTNA/ERCA was the first of the existing renal associations to take up the challenge of ensuring the sustainability of further growth and development in dialysis and decide to investigate this issue and set up certain guidelines. 

“Go Green in Dialysis” is a joint project of the EDTNA/ERCA and Fresenius Medical Care which, I believe, increases the chances of the project outcome being well received by both dialysis treatment providers and dialysis technology manufacturers. In fact, the combined effort of both sides in an initiative like this is essential for its success and wide acceptance.

František Lopot, clinical engineer,
Dialysis department, Prague – Strahov
Czech Republic


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