CKD is associated with age-related decline of renal function and is highly prevalent, estimated to affect between 11% to 13% of the global population1. Approximately 90% of patients with CKD will have oral signs or symptoms, including bleeding gums, a dry mouth, candidiasis, burning mouth, abnormal taste and abnormal lip pigmentation2. Ruospo and colleagues performed a systemic review of 88 studies in 125 populations (11,340 dialysis adult patients) and reported3:

  • 57%  had gum disease
  • 50% had dry mouth
  • 20% were edentulous
  • 19% had oral pain 
  • 25% never brushed their teeth

These factors can significantly impact on the well-being of patients with renal disease and their quality of life. For example, a tooth with dental decay and/or gum disease may be associated with pain, infection and swelling, particularly when the decay involves the nerve of the tooth and there is a dental abscess. This can cause problems with eating, drinking and swallowing. In addition, a dry mouth lacks adequate saliva to mix with food particles during the process of mastication. The dry mouth is often accompanied by an abnormal taste as well as a burning sensation. All these factors can have a significant effect on nutrition. 


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