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EDTNA/ERCA at the ANNA - American Nephrology Nurses Association National Symposium
The 53rd National Symposium of the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) was held in Fort Worth, Texas, May 22-25, 2022. It was a four-day hybrid educational event of sharing experiences in kidney care. It focused on haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplantation care. The topics addressed at the symposium were of great interest, from recognizing and caring for the various complications associated with chronic kidney disease and its treatments to reflection and discussion on the importance of the nephrology nurse as a leader in the management of care for patients with kidney disease.

As EDTNA/ERCA representative, I attended the virtual format of this Symposium. In this report, I highlight the talks by nurse Loretta Jackson Brown on “Nephrology Nurse Leaders: A Toolkit for Success” and nurse Amber Paulus on “American Nurses Association Infection Control and Prevention Project”. Although my participation was online, it was acknowledged as an important international collaboration at the Nephrology Nurse Recognition Lunch. At EDTNA/ERCA, we appreciate the invitation and look forward to continuing this international collaboration with ANNA in the exchange of knowledge and expertise to enhance our commitment to quality patient care.

Maria Tavares
The European Day for Organ Donation & Transplantation
October 12, 2019

Edita Noruišienė, EDTNA/ERCA President participated at the European Day for Organ Donation & Transplantation in Alytus.
If you would like to know about potential partnership and collaboration in our activities and projects, please contact our Secretariat.
EDTNA/ERCA at the ANNA - American Nephrology Nurses Association National Symposium
April 14-17, 2019, Dallas, Texas, USA

Interview with Ilaria de Barbieri, EDTNA/ERCA Executive Committe Member & Scientific Programme Chair and Maria Teresa Parisotto, EDTNA/ERCA Secretary

This is the first time you have attended the ANNA Conference, what was your impression?
“I was asked by the EDTNA/ERCA President to represent our Association this year and it was a great experience to meet so many of our American colleagues. We have a lot in common and it is of great value to share our knowledge and experience between us”, says Ilaria. Ilaria continues, “during the Conference, ANNA invited me to attend the Nephrology Nurse Recognition Luncheon. During the programme, Linda K Ball, the President, introduced me to the audience and asked me to stand to be acknowledged by the attendees. It was a great moment not only for me but a great recognition of our Association as well.”

Can you please tell us about the Collaboration between EDTNA/ERCA and ANNA?
“Yes, with pleasure. A meeting had been set up to meet with Linda and the ANNA Past President, Alice Hellebrand, to discuss ANNA-EDTNA/ERCA collaboration. I presented the activities of the new EDTNA/ERCA Research Group and I proposed a closer collaboration, sharing research protocols and surveys. It was well received and the discussions will continue together with our EDTNA/ERCA President, Edita Noruišienė in Prague, during our 48th Conference, September 14th – 17th 2019. Alice Hellebrand will be present at the Conference in Prague as Guest Speaker," says Ilaria.

Maria Teresa, you and Ilaria represented EDTNA/ERCA at the ANNA Conference, what was your impression of this year’s Conference?
“As you know, this is not the first time for me. Last year I submitted an abstract accepted as a Poster, but this year is different as I have been invited as guest speaker representing the EDTNA/ERCA.
The Conference was interesting, although not particularly innovative from the content point of view. The structure of ANNA Conference is quite different from that of EDTNA/ERCA. Contrary to ours, we have 4 or 5 speakers per session, ANNA has the so called “concurrent sessions” (5 at the same time) with 75 minutes assigned per speaker.
In this way, the speaker can develop the topic in depth with a didactical approach. There are pros and cons to this structure, however there have been occasions at the EDTNA/ERCA where I would have liked more time for the presentation of my topic”.

One part of the Collaboration Agreement between EDTNA/ERCA and ANNA is to hold joint sessions at the Conferences. Please let us know about this year’s joint session.
“It was about Vascular Access from an International Perspective”, says Maria Teresa.
Maria Teresa continues, “Nephrology nurse experts from the United States and Europe discussed vascular access in their respective countries with the goal of learning from each other and identifying best practices.
I think this was the most innovative part of the programme, a very dynamic presentation”.
Lynda K. Ball - ANNA Immediate Past President, Maria Teresa Parisotto, EDTNA/ERCA Executive Committe Secretary and Tamara Kear ANNA President