Learn more about care management for patients with kidney disease – this first session is on oral care.
We intend to provide you with more engaging opportunities to learn from subject-matter experts to help improve your daily practice.

Oral Care for Adult Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
You might ask yourself, not being a dentist, ’Why do I need to know about the mouth?’

Oral health is often a neglected subject in the renal setting. We would like to raise the awareness of its importance and improve our knowledge of oral care.

Thanks to Dr. Kumar and Tai Mooi Ho, the Oral Care workshop at the 46th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Krakow, Poland, 2017 was recorded and is available for those of you not able to attend the workshop.

Take this unique opportunity to learn more about Oral Care by listening to Dr. Kumar.
After the Session, you have the possibility to check your learning outcome and fill in the Questionnaire below. Submit your answers and you will receive a Certificate from EDTNA/ERCA.
Dr. Navdeep Kumar

BDS, FDSRCS(Eng), PhD, Cert RDP, Cert Surg & Pros Implantology
Consultant in Special Care Dentistry / Clinical Lead Dental Medicine
Tai Mooi Ho Wong

RN, RM – Spain
EDTNA/ERCA Project Coordinator