Volunteering is a rewarding experience for many EDTNA/ERCA members. It helps to make their professional and private life more interesting and challenging.

Join EDTNA/ERCA Volunteer Team and get an opportunity to develop new skills and build on existing experience and knowledge.

Take an active part in the life of EDTNA/ERCA and get a sense of pride and identity. Help to boost your self-confidence further by taking yourself out of your natural comfort zone and environment.

To be EDTNA/ERCA Volunteer means to feel better about yourself, take back this feeling to your ‘regular’ routine work in nephrology field and create a more positive view of your own professional life and future goals.

Please send your Application and CV to our  Secretariat:
The Executive Committee has two new vacancies. Any current EDTNA/ERCA member with valid membership for at least 2 consecutive years may apply for the position. The candidacy will need to stand for election. The essential candidate requirements are as follows:
To be currently working in renal care
To be a current member of EDTNA/ERCA at the time of the election, and ideally, having served as a volunteer in another post previously
Not holding an elected position in another national or international renal care-related association, society, or similar organization.                   
To be able to communicate efficiently in English, written and orally
To have a minimum of 10 voting members supporting the candidacy. 

If you are interested and fulfill the above requirements, please request for the Executive Committee Member Job Description and the EC Candidate Nomination Form by sending an e-mail to the EDTNA/ERCA Secretary at:

Transplant Consultant
The basic requirements are:
  • Being a Registered Nurse, currently involved in the care of patients with a kidney transplants.
  • Being a member of EDTNA/ERCA.
  • Having 2 EDTNA/ERCA members to be a reference.
If you are interested in this position, please contact the secretariat and send your CV with a photo.

Brand Ambassadors
Currently, there are the following Brand Ambassador’s positions open:
  • Brand Ambassador - Hungary
  • Brand Ambassador - Russia
  • Brand Ambassador - Sweden
  • Brand Ambassador - Spain
  • Brand Ambassador - Australia/New Zealand

As a Brand Ambassador you will be:
  • The representative of EDTNA/ERCA in your country
  • The link between the National EDTNA/ERCA Members and the Executive Committee
  • Responsible for the progress of EDTNA/ERCA strategies on a national level
  • Organising EDTNA/ERCA educational events
  • Responsible for the recruitment of new Members
  • In charge of the yearly budget and activity plan

Qualifications needed include:
  • Good in spoken and written English
  • Working in renal care
  • Enthusiasm and organisational skills
  • Ability to use computer and email
Aase Riemann
Consultant & Brand Ambassador for the Netherlands

Read about Aase’s story.
For further information about job descriptions, policies and procedures please contact our Secretariat.