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Welcome to one of the world’s oldest cities, the so-called historical capital of Europe, Athens. Once home of Plato, Socrates, Pericles and more, the city is also described as the birthplace of democracy, arts, science and philosophy of western civilization.

Today the Greek capital is a city that has it all: a long and rich (cultural) history, a vibrant city centre that is attracting tourists from all over the world, a multicultural modern personality and the desired infrastructure and facilities. Located in the Attica district, this city together with its suburbs and the neighbouring town of Piraeus, constitutes an urban entity with a population of about 4 million residents.

Athens stands out as a perfect year-round destination, thanks to its ideal Mediterranean climate. The city seamlessly blends its rich cultural heritage and historical traditions with modern urban innovation. Often referred to as the “open-air museum”, Athens, the city of Parthenon, showcases a historic centre transformed into a sprawling 3 km pedestrian zone, one of the largest in Europe. This pedestrian haven guides visitors to major archeological sites, forming an extensive “archeological park” that recreates, to a significant extent, the ancient landscape.

A myriad of opportunities for culture, dining, shopping and nightlife, coupled with the warmth of the Athenian people and the high-standard hotel accommodations, enhances the city’s allure. You can find the city’s official tourism office website here.

Are you already excited to visit?

Here you can watch a short video about the city and take in its atmosphere and beauty.
Athens International Airport is connected to 172 domestic and international destinations.
From the airport it will take you approximately 40 minutes to get to the city centre.
Airport - City Center
The metro tickets for the route to and from the airport are valid for 90 minutes and allow travel within this period, by all means of transport except for Airport Express Buses and the buses of line X80. Metro Line 3 (Blue Line) will take you straight to the city centre.

Tickets for the Airport Express Buses are valid for one journey from or to the airport. The ticket can be purchased at all ticket vendors and/or the bus driver. These buses operate on a 24-hour basis.

Taxis are available at the designated Taxi waiting area located at Exit 3 of the Arrivals Level. A ride to the city centre should cost approximately 40 EUR. All licensed taxis in Athens are equipped with metres.

Public transport in Athens is affordable, reliable and covers most of the city and suburbs. By using the same ticket (a single ticket costs 1,20 EUR and is valid for 90 minutes) you can make use of all means of public transport.

Buses, trolleybuses and metros run daily from around 5AM until midnight. Information about schedules can be found at the stops and online via the operator’s website at

OASA Telematics App provides real-time information for buses and trolleybuses.
Ath.ena Card App allows you to load a personalized or an anonymous card through a NFC-enabled mobile.

Electronic tickets can be purchased at the ticket counters or the automatic ticket vending machines in metro and tram stations. In Athens they make use of reloadable smart tickets and reloadable smart cards under the name ATH.ENA TICKET and ATH.ENA CARD respectively. A clear overview of the options you have can be found here.

Please note that you must validate your reloadable smart ticket/card at the blue validating machines located inside the buses, trolley buses and the tram each time you board them. When using the metro, validate your ticket/card at the gates, both upon entering and exiting the station.