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Report from 11th Three Country Meeting, Konstanz

The 11th Three Country Meeting took place from November 15.-17. in historical Council.

Nusing School Essen 

October 9th -11th I introduced EDTNA/ERCA and its work in Michael Reichardt’s Nursing School in Essen. With nurses from two nephrological courses I discussed the need of international cooperation in renal care. I spoke about EDTNA/ERCA Membership and the opportunity to become a volunteer.

We saw pictures from Genova and talked around writing an Abstract and design a poster. Nurses ask a lot of questions around my work as the EDTNA/ERCA Brand Ambassdor and at the end I invited them and all colleagues to come to Prague, to our next Conference, September 14-17, 2019.

You will find the presentation and some pictures from Essen. The pictures show historic dialysis machines in the entrance area of the training center.  

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Dialyse aktuell 21 2017
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About us in Germany

Welcome to us at EDTNA/ERCA in Germany. My name is Angela Drähne and I am a proud Brand Ambassador. We have 36 EDTNA/ERCA Members in Germany whom has been Members for many years.


For more information, please contact Angela Drähne, Brand Ambassador for Germany.

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