Italy - Activities
Currently the position of the Brand Ambassador for Italy is open.
These are some of the activities from the EDTNA/ERCA Italian Branch.
  • Meeting in August the 5th, to plan the next EDTNA/ERCA Italian Conference which will take place in May 2015.
  • Meeting held in Bologna, in September the 26th, to start an EDTNA/ERCA new project regarding Nursing scientific research: a research Board consisting in one Chief Board and ten nurses working in renal units all over Italy and enrolled according specific skills. This project is supported by EDTNA/ERCA Italian Branch.
  • Workshop held in October about the “Monitoring Methods in Practice Care” which took place in Milan.
  • Workshop held in Verona, in November the 15th regarding “the complexity care model: a thorough assessment of haemodialysis patients”.
  • Workshop held in Teramo, in November the 29th about “Nursing Renal Ultrasound Scan Employed in Vascular Access”.
  • Workshop to be held in Bologna in December the 13th about the “Methodology of Nursing Scientific Research”, only addressed to the research nursing team.
Italian EDTNA/ERCA members always keep in touch with themselves through their website, through e-mail and by arranging conference calls from time to time, to debate about the most important matters, such as the yearly National EDTNA/ERCA Conference.
About us in Italy
Welcome to us at EDTNA/ERCA in Italy. We have 109 EDTNA/ERCA Members in Italy whom has been Members for many years.
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