There are currently 50 Members in Sweden. We have increased the number of members and are hoping to continue in this direction.

2016 activities included:

Swedish National Association Meeting

The 43rd EDTNA/ERCA International Conference was held in Riga, Latvia in September 2014. It was a great success.

We had 3 Guest speakers from Sweden:

“Supporting the CKD patient – the nurses role” Eva-Lena Nilsson
“Patient’s experience of kidney biopsies obtained by interviews. Nursing aspect” Yvonne Andersson
“Transplantation – Presenting results and experiences from work to improve transplant programme situation in Sweden“ MOD

Future projects include:
  • To send regular newsletters to Members and also keeping close correspondence with the Renal Units.
  • Writing articles in the National Associations Publications, Dialäsen.
  • Attending the National Meeting in Malmö 3–5 May 2014. We will have a booth and also perform a short oral to present and update from EDTNA/ERCA.
  • Ongoing preparation for the Annual EDTNA/ERCA conference in Dresden 2015
  • An EDTNA/ERCA seminar in Stockholm, together with industry, in November 2014 was held at Danderyds Sjukhus AB in Stockholm. It was a meeting for all Registered Nurses and Nurses in the Renal Departments in the Stockholm area. There were 50 people attending and we had two very interesting speakers, Jeanette Ohlsson Carlborg and Jonas Spaak. For more information please read the November issue of the Newsletter. We are planning for a follow up meeting in April/May.
  • Translating the Newsletter into Swedish with 4 of my colleagues. Will send them out to our 66 Renal Units.
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For more information, please contact Sophie Halldin, Brand Ambassador for Sweden.  
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